It’s a fun date to write, so i figured I should get a post up.

Day (i’ve stopped keeping track):

3D Printing: Parts for my 3D Printer – pretty sure this is how the robot rebellion starts)

Watching: Firefly (again)

So this is one of those days when everything seemed off… Spent the weekend watching the Six Nations (Rugby, for those who don’t know) on BBC via some creative VPN usage, thank god for the internet, because the only thing anyone I know is talking about is the stupid Superbowl.. Fucking American football is for pussies. Let’s see Tom Brady play an 80 minute game in 90 minutes, all of it running, and oh, let’s add giant Welshmen pounding on him without any of his precious padding on. He’d be crying for his mommy after the first Scrum…

The reason for the delay in posting is that work has been kicking my ass…but in a good way. You know how when you’re learning to ride a bike you find that moment when the training wheels no longer matter. I came to that point in my job a couple of weeks ago.. What a difference.. Things just suddenly clicked. What a great feeling.

I went to the doctor on Friday.. Starting a new drug regimen for my bi-polar issues… this will be fun…Last time I tried medication ended in an almost-suicide…but then again, that was also 1993, so a lot has changed with regards to medication since….

Happy Groundhog day, Phil says it’s six more weeks of winter, but he’s a lying rat so we’ll just have to see won’t we…

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