Political Leanings…

Most people know this about me. I don’t consider myself a democrat, or a republican. I’ve been an independent voter since my first vote. I’ve voted for presidents in both parties, and I was a pretty steady John McCain voter in Arizona while I lived there. I’m socially more liberal, I think religion has no business in our government, and I think the government has no place in our religion. I’m economically more conservative, but don’t have a single issue on either side that governs me, because I think single-issue voters are idiots..

I don’t vote for the party, I vote for the person. And I try, no matter what, to vote for the smartest person in the room. That led me to vote for HWBush (twice), Clinton (once), Almost voted for McCain in 2008 (But then Sarah Palin brought the mean IQ of the ticket down dramatically) not because I didn’t like Barack Obama, but I felt he didn’t yet have the experience yet for the job.

Trump is an idiot. He’s also NOT a republican (or a democrat for that matter) He pretends to be whatever he thinks people want him to be, and his overriding force is to do what’s best for Trump. He doesn’t care one bit about anything else, and all of the evidence to date shows this. Republicans don’t blow up the deficit, they don’t pull out of foreign countries ceding territory to our enemies, they don’t waste taxpayer dollars on wasteful extravagant golf trips, and they CERTAINLY don’t put that money into their own pockets…

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